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Air Pirates Kiteboarding opened shop in May of 2009 as a very small seasonal retail shop. In 2010 we started Air Pirates Kite school and are putting a lot of focus into getting more people into the sport of kiteboarding.

We are located in Hammond, Oregon. It is right dab in the middle between Hood River, Or and the coast. We get the best of both worlds, great wind and surf. It is a awsome place to be.

We are proud to carry some of the best brands in the kite world. F-One kiteboarding has been a huge success and is easily ranking itself as one of the best kite manufacturers. Everyone who flys a F-One one falls in love with them. So if your interested in a demo please give us a call.

We are a small company that is growing every year due to our increasing awesome reputation and a loyal customer base. Started out with just myself with nothing but a few kites and a huge desire to teach people how to kiteboard to today we have 3 PASA certified instructors.

Air Pirates Kiteboard Shop on Jones Beach Oregon

In November 2009, Air Pirates Kiteboarding became a PASA Certified Kiteboard School. Since then he have taught nearly 500 people from Men, Women and Kids how to kiteboard and what an amazing adventure it has been.

For our Kiteboard lessons we are using the safest and best gear available that will make your learning much easier. We also provide helmets and life jackets and radios to those who want them.

Kiteboard lessons are taught in many places. From Portland Or to Manzonita Or. We go were you are and were the wind is. Some of the places we teach are: Longview Wa, Kalama Wa, Jones Beach Or, Astoria Or, Fort Stevens, Seaside Or, Cannon Beach Or and others.

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If your in Olympia or Tacoma come down south to Longview or Jones. We can hook you up. Avoid the crowds and crazyness of Hood River, call us instead.

I'm very excited about this growth and all the poeple I have helped along the way. Right now we are a seasonal shop but hopefully in a few more years you will see us year round offering something for everyone.

Thank you for checking us out and we look forward to serving you.

Cheers from,

Nate Tussing - Owner

And The Air Pirates Kiteboarding Team

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