2012 Blade Demo & Clinic

Where:  At Manzonita, Oregon see directions at bottom of Email for more info
When:  Saturday June 23rd, 2012 at noon till dusk
Details:  FREE Ocean riding Safety Clinic and Blade Kiteboarding Demo event.

What is it?  Air Pirates Kiteboarding is pleased to bring you a full demo day of ocean riding enjoyment with Blade Kiteboarding.  There will be plenty of kites and boards for you to try out and play.  Will be a great time to try out that Wave setting on the 2012 Blade Triggers.  We will also be putting on a great Ocean riding safety class for those new to ocean riding.  If you have been nervous about kitesurfing in the ocean or have never tried it and want to give it a shot we will be there to help you out.  Join us at 1pm for this free class and learn waht it takes to be safe in the ocean.
Check out the SBC Kiteboard review CLICK HERE<<<<
Want to learn how to kiteboard? We are offering discounted rates on kiteboard lessons for this event.   Did you had a lesson from Us last year?  Sign up for a refresher lesson or continue from where we left off.

SAVE big on NEW GEAR.  We are selling the 2012 Blade Triggers at a special Demo Rated Price as well as Big Savings with our new Blade Trigger Kiteboarding Packages rolling out this week!!!! Be the first to get these huge savings before they are out of stock!!   Also ON SALE will be our Popular Blade Fat Lady Lightwind Package.
Here is what SBC Kiteboarding had to say about the Blade Trigger:

Trigger brings performance you can grow with in every discipline. The kite sits in a balanced forward position, and the handling is simple and direct with light-touch steering. Easy park-and-go power delivery with a short bar throw, the Trigger’s progressive de-power lets you handle the gusts with ease. The wide and blunted wing tips and wide, centred canopy give the kite good power generation through the turns, which allowed testers to park-and-fly to concentrate on new moves. The Trigger’s friendly boosting capability with trim-induced but forgiving unhooked pull permitted skill development, from the first jump into transitions right into dialing your first Raleys and S-bends. Water relaunch was superb, as these lightweight, three-strut hybrids led the way in the instant relaunch category. Whether you’re just breaking free from mowing-the-lawn mode or ready to carve your first wave face, the Trigger can build the confidence to push you to the next level. 
Manzonita is located past Cannon Beach, Oregon on HWY 101 south.  Take the Main exit for Manzonita, can be either Manzonita Ave. or Laneda Ave.  You will be traveling West toward the ocean.  Both these streets will take you to the ocean and run into Ocean Road.  Laneda Ave. turns into Ocean Rd.  Look for the kites on the beach in that 2 block radius and come say hello. 
Manzonita is one of the most beginner friendly and by far most popular places to Kitesurf in all of Oregon!!  Steady, reliable and predictable winds, tons of open sandy beach.  It is the 2nd windiest place in Oregon with winds of 15+ nearly everyday all summer.    CLICK ON PICTURE FOR DIRECTIONS

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