Meet your Instructors

 Nate Tussing
Lead Kiteboard Instructor.  PASA certified with 2 years professional experience teaching kiteboarding.  Nate has a burning desire and love for the sport of kiteboarding.  Ever since his first kiteboard lesson 4 years ago, nothing has stopped him from pushing his limits to be an exceptional kiteboarder.  He has a strong passion for teaching others and uses multiple teaching techniques.  Just meeting Nate you will realize how much he enjoys helping others find the love and passion for kiteboarding.  Nate's ultimate goal is always to keep you safe and have as much fun as possible while you advance into a proficient kiteboarder.  Nate has received countless positive reviews from many sources including forums such as and PSKite.  You are guaranteed to have a fun, relaxing, efficient and confident building lesson from Nate and you will walk away stoked with a new desire to kiteboard. 

Micah Sanders
Micah taught for Cascade Kiteboarding in 2010.  He is PASA and IKO certified with all his certifications.  He comes to Air Pirates with a stellar reputation and years of experience.  Other than being a excellent instructor and kiteboarder, Micah is also the Northwest F-one kiteboarding rep.  We are very proud and lucky to have him as a member of the Air Pirates team.  All our Kiteboard Instructors are PASA Certified.  That means you are getting the best trained and qualified Instruction from Professionals who strive to help create independent, successful and safe riders. Your best interest and Safety is a priority.  An experienced instructor will have knowledge, patience, and an ability to communicate so you have confidence during your kiting experience.  Every PASA certified Instructor is First Aid and CPR trained, Have boating licenses and some of us are certified life guards.  You are in good hands with Air Pirates Kiteboarding.. 
Ron Cooper 
Ron is in his second year as a PASA certified Kiteboard Instructor.  Ron worked for Brian's Windsurfing in Hood River and Air Pirates Kiteboarding in 2010.  He is also a certified lifeguard and spends his winters as a school teacher.  Ron is a excellent instructor and his humor helps you forget any worries you might have.  Ron is very enthusiastic, upbeat, energetic and positive about getting new people into kiteboarding.  Spend a few minutes around Ron and you can't wait to get in the water!!
Ron has very excellent communication skills, attention to detail, multiple ways of teaching to fit your learning style, great sense of humor, very safety conscious and has great drive and passion. You are guaranteed to have a good time learning with Ron.  
Lifeguard certificate, First Aid and CPR cards, boating license and over 20 years experience in the field of teaching including elementary school. 


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