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Kiteboarding, Kiteboarding Lessons in Longview, WA

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Professional Air Sports Association

Columbia Gorge Kiteboarding Association

Kiteboarding, Kiteboarding Lessons in Hood River, OR

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Learn how to kiteboard like a pro when you take kiteboarding lessons from our Professional PASA certified Kiteboard Instructors. Air Pirates Kiteboarding not only sells a variety of kiteboarding equipment, we provide lessons for beginners and to those with experience. All our kiteboard instructors are PASA CERTIFIED. That means you are getting the best trained and qualified Instruction from Professionals who strive to help create independent, successful and safe riders. Your best interest and Safety is a priority. An experienced instructor will have knowledge, patience, and an ability to communicate so you have confidence during your kiting experience.

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About Our Lessons
Before we take you out into the open waters, your first lesson is a ground school lesson. This lesson gives you the basics of kite flying, wind theory and a chance for you to have fun at a great low price!! And if you fall in love with it (we know you will) sign up for a water lesson. Our PASA certified kiteboarding instructors use proven teaching methods and teach you a variety of techniques that will get you on the water in no time. We offer different lessons tailored for men and women. Check out our step 1 lessons below and see how we can take you from "wanting to kiteboard" and turn you into a "Proficient KITEBOARDER".

Our most popular beach is a place called Jones Beach 20 minutes from Longview Wa and only an hour from Portland Oregon. Rated #1 best beginner beach in the entire gorge!!

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10 Reasons Why You Should Take Lessons:

1. Safety: Proper Lessons Make Kiteboarding a Safer Experience for Yourself and Those around You
2. Your Learning Experience: Quickest Way to Get on the Water is to Take Our Kiteboarding Lessons
3. Money: Use Our Equipment for Lessons to Make Sure This is the Right Sport for You before You Purchase the Equipment
4. Trash Someone Else's Gear: Use School Equipment instead of Damaging Your New Equipment
5. Meet Other Kiteboarders: Our Kiteboarding Lessons Allow You to Meet Others That You Can Practice with
6. Get Cheaper Gear: Great Beginner Packages with Discounts on Equipment
7. Knowledge: Kiteboarding Lessons Teach You Valuable Knowledge
8. Learn in Safe Conditions: You will Learn at a Beginner-Safe Beach
9. Try out Different Gear: Try Out Our Gear before Purchasing Your Own
10. Peace of Mind: With Our Kiteboarding Lessons an instructor is there to help at All Times

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Serving Longview Washington, Hood River Or. the Oregon Coast, kite lessons in Seaside, Astoria, Cannon Beach, Longbeach, Manzanita, Portland, and also Fort Stevens State Park in Warrenton.

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