2013 F-one SURF 6'2" / 6'4" kitesurf board

2013 F-one SURF 6'2
2013 F-one SURF 6'2 2013 F-one SURF 6'2 2013 F-one SURF 6'2 2013 F-one SURF 6'2 2013 F-one SURF 6'2 2013 F-one SURF 6'2 2013 F-one SURF 6'2 2013 F-one SURF 6'2 2013 F-one SURF 6'2


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*NOTE* Only 1 left in stock in the USA. Not being produced in 2014. May take up to 6 weeks for delivery. Get the best surf riding board ever made before its two late!

6'2 and 6'4 BAMBOO SURF RANGE 2013


If you are a fan of cruising, a committed rider regardless of the conditions, expert surfer or a kitesurfer beginner, it is with you in mind that every year we seek to improve the coherence of our surfboards range, so that everyone and everywhere around the world , you can find the perfect surfboard for the conditions you encounter on your travel journeys or at home.

Some boards are receiving a light lifting since their shapes were already perfectly adapted to their program and required only small adjustments. In contrast, profound changes have taken place on the Signature 5'10" and 6'0" because the stresses generated by a kite on a moving surfboard are very different than those coming from a paddle surfer.

The range of our 2013 surfboards is the most complete yet to date. It is the result of many years of experience, hours of testing, and mainly the result of our passion and hard work; a range that does not sacrifice performance or aesthetics.

Bamboo always...
Precursors in the use of bamboo for our surfboards lineup, we searched again and again to optimize our manufacturing processes that use this wonderful material. Combining his natural qualities with those of other materials to get the best shapes is more than a pure R&D question at F-One, it is a passion, and the end result must be as beautiful as efficient.

SURF THRUSTER 6'2" x 46cm and 6'4" x 48.5cm

For paddling surf, strapless kitesurfing or strapped kiteboarding, these two boards will adapt to the conditions of wind or waves you will face. For a wave trip, if you must take only one board, it is one of the these two boards that will follow you.

SURF Strapless In pure surf, strapless or strapped kitesurfing, these boards are extremely versatile and will adapt to all the conditions of wind and waves you will face. For a surfing trip, if you were to take only one board, it is one of those two you will need ! The 6’2’’ is Mitu Monteiro’s board of choice since it first came out, and has been improved every year based on his feedback. The board has evolved to better follow the evolution of the discipline. Close to a surf, its volume in the front section of the board allows the boldest transitions. Mitu is proof that this style of shape and size is the best compromise for strapless riding, whether for tricks or surfing in all types of waves, from your home spot to Lavanono. The last generation had undergone a slight modification of its rocker, the addition of a V bottom, and a wider nose. The objective was to gain in stability when slashing turns and improve the passage from rail to rail. We also gained in overall liveliness, whether in pure surfing, strapped or strapless kitesurfing.

The 6’4’’ remains unchanged. She will be more accessible in pure surfing during take-off. Its width will provide an edge in light wind and its natural upwind ability means you will be the first to reach the peak, and often alone...

*NOTE* 6'4" is a custom order board. It is custom made when ordered and may take 6-8 weeks for delivery. Due to high demand and how fast these are selling, may be temporarily out of stock, if this happens we will let you know with an ETA of new stock or offer you a full refund.

- We use the most advanced fins available from Future Fins - Future Fins Vector II profile
- Outline: Rusty
- Specifically designed for explosive radical surfing. Perfected by the Pros, the VII FR1 is great for speed and releasing off the top.
- Future Box: Strong and easy setup.Other Equipment: - 2 ergonomic adjustable straps

Bamboo Sandwich Technology
Bamboo Sandwich TechnologyBamboo Sandwich TechnologyBamboo Sandwich Technology

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