2013 F-ONE TRAX 8 LW

2013 F-ONE TRAX 8 LW
2013 F-ONE TRAX 8 LW 2013 F-ONE TRAX 8 LW 2013 F-ONE TRAX 8 LW
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Trax 8 LW: Pure & Effective ( SPECIAL ORDER NO ETA YET 6/22/13)

2013 F-One Trax LW: 140x45

Big Sister of the TRAX, designed for light wind, the TRAX LW has a unique shape that has not been modified to maintain all of its qualities, its general performance, and especially its formidable planning start. The modifications we made for 2013 are almost invisible and yet highly efficient.

The efficiency of its shape is the result of a double concave with lateral steps which facilitate edging, acceleration, and smooth landing.The lateral steps brings stability and comfort, while the Twist Carbon Control optimizes the flex and the overall torsion of the board.

The board is at its best in light wind conditions, even with its size, and fits all riders. The board is easy to ride playful and easy to control in medium wind conditions

Finally, the new TRAX LW is equipped with the patented UNIBOX fin system with its low-profile asymmetrical shape and improved flex which helps the general smoothness and ride of the board.

The new TRAX LW 2013 is equipped with our 3D molded Platinum Pads & Straps for the best comfort and the Strap Lock 2 for easy mount and setup.

*NOTE* Due to high demand and how fast these are selling, your item may be temporarily out of stock, if this happens we will let you know with an ETA of new stock or offer you a full refund. Also, there is a Discount on Quiver orders...Enjoy


- Pads Pro Platinum with Plates adjustable
- Straps ergo with Straplock for an optimal setup
- 4 fins Unibox Asymetrical
- Handle Bar

F-One Trax 5

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