2017 F-One Monolith Bar

2017 F-One Monolith Bar
2017 F-One Monolith Bar 2017 F-One Monolith Bar 2017 F-One Monolith Bar 2017 F-One Monolith Bar 2017 F-One Monolith Bar 2017 F-One Monolith Bar 2017 F-One Monolith Bar 2017 F-One Monolith Bar

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Includes: F-One Complete Bar with New Bag and Handle Pass Leash.


Designed to work effectively even in the most critical situations, it can be triggered under load but also when the lines are slack. A stopper at the top holds the kite bar to make sure the system works even when the bar is pushed towards the rider and blocked in the lowest position. Its new push-away system enables to trigger the release with minimal force even under the highest loads (tested up to 400 kg).


With its new larger 5th line ring, the new F-ONE Push-Away system offers a leash set-up enabling to release at any moment, including in Suicide Leash mode.

Bar Compatibility: Bandit 3/4/5/6/7/8/9 - Trust 1/2/3 and Volt 1/2

Bar Sizes:

  • 45cm bar for kites between 4 and 10m2
  • 52cm bar for kites between 11 and 14m2

CNC Carved .
The heart of the MONOLITH bar is made directly from a 6061 aluminum block . The computer numerical control (CNC) fabrication allows to carve the bar in one unique piece. This new fabrication method is used in conjunction with 6061 Aluminum, an alloy charged magnesium and silicum.This material is extremely resistant and is used in the Air and Space fields. On top of its strength , this material offers excellent resilience and a great resistance to corrosion.

Since 4-line kites first appeared, all bars have looked more or less the same: a central section with a hole for the de-power line, two tubes and two tips. The inherent problem is that you need to glue those five different components together. The idea of a monobloc bar in one piece came very naturally but how to make it? Using solid tubes would be too heavy, and casting a one-piece bar with hollow tubes and without exits was impossible. The idea of an IPN section combined with an aluminum monobloc bar was born.

The IPN design with an aluminum monobloc increases the structure strength compared to an oval hollow tube and does not need glued parts. At equal weight, the bar is stronger.

For the casing, the end bars are molded with a polymer and the rest of the structure is wrapped with an EVA grip with double density on top for the best comfort. The “holes” in the aluminum structure are not filled in order to save weight. The aluminum is now coated with teflon.

- 45cm bar is for kite size under 10m
- 52cm is for kites 11m and up

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