2013 Blade FAT Lady 17m

2013 Blade FAT Lady 17m
2013 Blade FAT Lady 17m 2013 Blade FAT Lady 17m 2013 Blade FAT Lady 17m 2013 Blade FAT Lady 17m
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2013 Blade Fat Lady Lightwind Kiteboarding Kite
The 2013 Blade Fat Lady is the kite that will get you when the wind is light and your friends and sitting on the beach wishing they had a fat lady...

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The FatLady continues to set the industry standard for wind harnessing and power delivery in the lightest of conditions! Its amazing and anyone who hasn’t tried one we can’t stress enough how much of a session saver it can be. Great for all levels of kitesurfers, it truly is the toy to have in the quiver for the light winds …

While your friends are standing on the beach pretending to be meteorologists, you can be busting all the tricks in your repertoire or carving the waves all to yourself. Fast, powerful, responsive and a thrill to ride, the 2013 Blade Fat Lady has made quite the name for herself in the light wind category.

For the 2nd Generation Fat Lady we’ve drastically improved the upwind capabilities by designing a new profile shape, which is traditionally found in paraglides. This unique and dynamic design strategy also improves low-end capabilities as well as responsive control in gusty conditions.

This kite is truly incredible in conditions that other kites will barely even get off the ground. Rig up in front of the doubters and rip in the light wind.

This kite is amazing in light conditions for cruising, jumping or even wakestyle unhooked riding. Many types of kiters have tried this kite and they all find the kite turns with amazing speed while giving power at low wind speeds.

This Following write-up comes from Andy at Bellingham Kiteboarding, and in my opinion and experience flying this kite myself, Andy nailed it!!

I have been on a full on search for the best lightwind kite for years. I have tried everything from 26m Foils to 23m Inflatable C' kites... only to end up dissappointed. Typically big kites don't turn well, and you lose their size advantage by not being able to turn the kite to generate speed. This is where I think Blade has it right.

The Fat Lady is a 17m Kite. Yes... that is larger than most kites out there today, but you have to realize to get true power, you are going to need more surface area. This kite does that, but does it with a narrow leading edge, and 3 super skinny struts. Why is this important? Mass. This kite doesn't weigh as much as any other 17m, or 16m, or 15m that I have ever flown in the past does. This allows this kite to be light in the sky, while still generating all the power that is needed. With a narrow leading edge and skinny struts, this kite only takes 70 pumps to fill up. This is typical of what I'd expect for a 12m..... which may be why this kite turns more like a 12m than a 17m.

Up until recently with lightwind specific kites, all you got was a scaled up version of a 10m kite. The materials were all the same, and as a result, you ended up with a kite that was heavy and not fun to fly. The Fat Lady has been designed as a single kite. Ie.. this kite isn't just a scaled up version of something else. It was made to be a lightwind kite, and nothing else. This means that the camber (airfoil curve) is made to be maximized in the 10-20mph range, wheas most other kites are designed to be flown in the 20-30mph range.

Relaunch might be the best I have ever experienced. Seriously in light wind the Fat Lady just rolls right over and relaunches. When other kites are falling out of the sky, this kite can relaunch very easily.

What is the realistic range of this kite? With a race board, I am sure you could break the 10mph barrier. With a skimboard or Glide? 10mph is when it starts getting powered enough. A normal twintip? 12-13mph. Will it power you in 5mph....No way...Upper wind range is in the low 20's. It is a powerful kite for sure... but it does have very good depower, even on the stock above the bar sheeting system.

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