Ultimate Light Wind Package

Ultimate Light Wind Package
Ultimate Light Wind Package Ultimate Light Wind Package Ultimate Light Wind Package Ultimate Light Wind Package Ultimate Light Wind Package Ultimate Light Wind Package Ultimate Light Wind Package Ultimate Light Wind Package

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Ultimate Lightwind Package with Huge Savings!

The amazing Blade Fat Lady can make a breezy day into a fun day of kiting. Pair the Fat Lady with a F-One Fish Surfboard or TRAX 7 LW 140x45 and the Xenon RAYO 145x44.

There are many lighter wind days that are close to great kiteboarding conditions. By adding the Fat Lady to your quiver combined with a lightwind board will give more days on the water.

Fat Lady:

This kite is amazing in light conditions for cruising, jumping or even wakestyle unhooked riding. Many types of kiters have tried this kite and they all find the kite turns with amazing speed while giving power at low wind speeds.




If you are a fan of cruising, a committed rider regardless of the conditions, expert surfer or a kitesurfer beginner, it is with you in mind that every year we seek to improve the coherence of our surfboards range, so that everyone and everywhere around the world , you can find the perfect surfboard for the conditions you encounter on your travel journeys or at home.

FISH 5'4 x 48cm - FISH 5'6 x 50cm

Difficult to change a shape that worked so well in light wind and small waves! Its perfect rocker gives them their incredible early planning ability and their maneuverability remains unchanged. We worked on the outline with very slight modifications. Our goal was to facilitate entry into fast curb with an ever faster exit. A wider nose gave us that result. Easier during your turns, our FISH also gained in stability with a more natural drive, less technical.

Available in two sizes, these two Fish offer the same program; oriented toward light wind and small waves. We recommend the 5'4 below 80kg, the 5'6 above.

F-One Trax LW: 140x45

Big sister of the Trax, and clearly designed for light wind, the successful shape of 2011 has not been modified to retain all its qualities, its overall performance and particularly his early planning ability.

Finally, the new 2012 TRAX and TRAX LW is equipped with the patented UNIBOX fin system with its low-profile asymmetrical shape and improved flex which helps the general smoothness and ride of the board.


In it's fourth year, Xenon continues it's trend of rapidly gaining a loyal following around the world. The 2012 Rayo is a high-end all-round twin-tip board with enormous freestyle potential and total comfort. Designed with moderate flex and high rocker line and large total surface area, the Rayo offers great upwind abilities and mellow ride in most water and wind conditions. The Rayo may be the perfect all-around board.

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