Jones beach is by far the most beginner friendly and best place to learn how to kiteboard in the entire Gorge!! Steady, reliable and predictable winds, tons of open sandy beach, shallow water and best of all No Crowds!! Get the best instruction and location right here.

Why choose us for your KITEBOARD LESSONS? Easy:

  • ONLY an hour from Portland Oregon and a 100 times more space!
  • We provide Helmets, Life jackets, Kites, Harness and boards
  • No crowds and less distractions
  • We have Warm Steady Trade Winds
  • Safe learning enviroment and conditions
  • Lessons offered year round
  • Only company within 200 miles to teach on the Coast
  • Enjoy Warmer Water

Avoid the crowds learn in shallow water with 3/4 mile of wide open sandy beach all to yourself with steady winds. We can teach you and your family including kids and teenagers how to kiteboard in a fun and safe enviroment.

Jones Beach is in Oregon on Highway 30 between Astoria and Portland near a town called Clatskanie. It is 14 miles from Longview, WA and only an hour from Portland Oregon. Thats about the same amount of time it takes to drive to Hood River Oregon.

Call (503) 791-7372 today and make an Appointment or Book Online.

Jones Beach Pics

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Watch and Learn WHY you want to take kitesurf lessons from Air Pirates Kiteboarding. Watch us teach, see the beach and see our students ride in only 1 day! We have the best beginner kite beach in all of Oregon and Washington

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