Save money right from the start and buy a kiteboard lessons package. You will be first in line for any day you want to learn over everybody else when pre-paid!

Our 5hr One Day course has received fantastic reviews and feedback from students, instructors and the kiting community. ALL our students have had great success and are safe, knowledgeable and progressive kiteboarders. We give you the foundation and fundamentals to succeed in kiteboarding and most of all how to be safe and save yourself if something happens to not go your way. We focus on you and customize our teachings and each lesson that fits each individual student best. That way you will learn quickly and shave a lot of time off your learning curve.

Book your One Day Kitesurf Lesson Online

Book your One Day Kitesurf Lesson

Watch and Learn WHY you want to take kiteboard lessons from Air Pirates Kiteboarding. Watch us teach, see the beach and see our students ride in only 1 day! We have the best beginner kite beach in all of Oregon and Washington

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2016 F-one Bandit 9 kite screaming deals!

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