Litewave began with a mission in 1998 to built the best kiteboards possible that anyone could ride from beginner to expert and do it all at an affordable price. This philosophy still hold true today, fifteen years later.

Designer, Litewave Dave, has over 40 years of composites experience and has spawned many of the innovations that now exist in modern kiteboarding. In Y2K, Litewave made the first thin kiteboard in a snowboard press. Litewave was the first to use Durasurf, the ultimate tough bottom. In 2012 Litewave applied for a patent on the FLS, Foot Lock System. In 2013, Litewave introduced the use of a revolutionary flat weave carbon called spread-tow. This is the biggest innovation in composites in many years. For 2015, the Litewave lineup of boards and accessories is completely redesigned stronger than ever.

Put a Litewave board on your feet and feel the difference that 17 years of kiteboard innovation makes.

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