NOW OFFERING Kiteboard Lessons in Hood River Area 5 DAYS a WEEK!! (Very Rare Weekends)

Kitesurfing is the latest water sports craze. With more and more people having kitesurfing lessons and taking up the sport every day. What is it that draws all these people, from all walks of life to this adrenaline packed, fun loving sport? What benefit will you get out of life by taking the plunge and taking your first tenuous steps in a new world and booking your first kitesurfing lessons?

The greatest danger associated with kite surfing is its ability to get under your skin and change your life forever. Such is the addiction that many people give up their 9 to 5 and head to find an alternative existence, an existence dominated by wind, water and an obsession with weather reports. Released from the pressures of the daily grind, life becomes a quest for ride time. These people are not the hippies and junkies that are stereotyped in films and novels but, instead, are people from all walks of life who have given it all up — exchanging flashy cars and expensive mortgages for quality of life, a beach, a board and often just enough money in their pocket to buy their next beer.

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2014 F-one Bandit 7 kite screaming deals!

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