Get the best, latest and greatest kiteboard trainer kites here. We offer the best kites to get you up and learning kiteboarding quickly and easily. Save yourself alot of money on kiteboard lessons with a trainer kite. We recommend you get the Inflateable trainer kites based off years of teaching kiteboarding. At our Air Pirates Kiteboarding School we use the Inflateable trainer kites. We feel it give the students the best lesson expierence and less of a learning curve saving them money on water lessons. An Inflateable Kite will teach you how to relaunch your kite, fly like the real larger kites, decreased learning curve, more accurate wind window and also learn sheeting and depowering. Sheeting is the most time consuming concept to learn while in the water when your paying big money for your kiteboard lesson. Spend a few bucks more now and save in the long run.

Compared to two line trainer kites, learning kiteboarding skills with a 4-Line Inflatable Trainer Kite has numerous benefits.

Inflatable 4-Line Trainer Kite Benefits:

Most obvious, 4-line kites instill real world 3-dimensional control bar and kite skills. Instead of just learning to steer a 2-line kite, 4-line kites will teach how bar stroke affects multiple aerodynamic flight characteristics. You will also learn important skills such as kite relaunch and operation of standard control bar safety systems. You can even practice self-rescue techniques with a small 4-line kite!

  • Realistic 3-Dimensional Kite Control
  • Learn Kite Water Relaunch
  • Depower
  • Control Bar Safety System
  • Learn Self Rescue Technique

Many kite manufacturers offer models of their regular kites in smaller sizes which work perfectly not only for training but also as a regular kite for strong wind and / or light weight riders and kids. The control bar used with these kites is the same full featured bar used with other kites in the range, not some stripped down training bar lacking features.

Free One Hour Local Ground School Lesson with every Complete Inflateable Trainer Kite Purchase...$100.00 FREE!!!

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