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Find the proper equipment and receive professional kiteboarding lessons from Air Pirates Kiteboarding.  Our company offers everything you need to be a professional kiteboarder, from the latest in kitesurfing kites to the best kiteboarding lessons. Call us to learn more about our products and services.   


Jones beach in Clatskanie Oregon is by far the most beginner friendly and best place to learn how to kiteboard in the entire Gorge!!  Steady, reliable and predictable winds, tons of open sandy beach, shallow water and best of all No Crowds!!  Get the best instruction and location right here!!

Why choose us over for your KITEBOARD LESSONS?  Easy:  

  • ONLY an hour from Portland Oregon.

  • We provide Helmets, Life jackets, Kites, Harness and boards

  • No crowds and less distractions

  • We have Warm Steady Trade Winds

  • Safe learning enviroment and conditions

  • 2 Way Radio Helmets, you can talk to us

  • Only company within 200 miles to teach on the Coast

  • Enjoy Warmer Water

Even though we do teach kiteboard lessons in Hood River area from time to time, we recommend Jones Beach.  Avoid the crowds learn in shallow water with 3/4 mile of wide open

sandy beach all to yourself with steady winds.  We can teach you and your family including kids and teenagers how to kiteboard in a fun and safe enviroment.  

The Water Basics are a general guide and can vary depending on the students skills and expierence.  The 2 hours lesson time is the minimum and can run longer if you choose.  

Ocean Down Winder ride along and instruction: $70/hour

Ground School— 2.5 Hours—LEVEL 0 Intro into Kiteboarding

Here is your chance to see if Kiteboarding is a sport you really want to do in a safe and fun enviroment.  Learn the basics, how it works and fly a real true 2m inflatable kite just like the ones you see in the water but smaller.  And all while your feet are safely planted on the ground.  It is alot of fun so come try it today!!! 

 • Basics of Kiteboarding
 • Wind Theory and Wind Window
 • Weather Conditions & Choosing a Kite Location
 • Kite Setup with a Real 4-Line Inflatable Kite• Flying Techniques and Skills
• Safety and Hand Signals
• Rider Responsibility and Safety
• Have Fun and Fly

Water Basics Beginner Level 1:  Get Wet

 • Kite Flying & Power/De-Power with Full Size Kite
 • Equipment and Terminology
 • Kite Safety Systems
 • Self-Rescue Techniques
 • Water Re-Launching the Kite• Assisted Launch and Landing the Kite
• Body Dragging
• Perform Self-Rescue
• Safety, Safety, and More Safety in Every Lesson Until it's Instinct

Water Basics Beginner level 2:  Time to Ride

 • Flying One Handed
 • Launch and Land the Kite
 • Board Position
 • Water Start in Shallow Water• Board Recovery
• Board Control
• Ride in Both  Directions
• Perform a Self-Rescue

Water Basics Refresher or continued beginner course

 • Advanced Body Dragging with Board
 • Advanced Board Control
 • Advanced Kite Flying Skills• Proper Body Position and Edge Control
• Riding Upwind
• Perform A Self-Rescue

Intermediate—2 Hours 

 • Self Launching & Landing
 • Transitions
 • Sending the Kite
 • Learning to Jump
 • Self-Sufficiency• Higher Winds and Large Chop or Swell
• Kite Tuning & Repair
• Perform a Self-Rescue

Advanced 2—2 Hours

 • Riding Toeside / Heelside
 • Different Types of Transitions
 • Getting Pop out of Your Board
 • Kite Loops• Controlled Jumps
• Front Rolls/Back Rolls
• Tricks and Maneuvers

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