2 Day Course * Zero to Hero *

2 Day Course * Zero to Hero *

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90% of all students take 2 days of lessons so why not save money and buy our 2 Day Course instead.

This lesson is private and One on One with the Instructor with all gear provided.  We do offer a group discount if you bring a Friend! Bring someone with you for an additional $400.


A all in one package deal from bare bones beginner kiter to up and riding a kiteboard in 2 days!

This class is for the Serious Student who wants to learn quickly while saving some serious money. This course is Focused, Intense and Designed to get you up and riding quickly and efficiently. 

This 2 day Kiteboarding Lesson Package is spread out over 2 days for a total of 6.5 hours. 


Bring a Friend for an additional $400


Package includes:

- ALL Gear is provided

- Safety systems function

- Water relaunch

- How to ride

- Board riding

- Board recovery

- Self launching & landing

- Self rescue methods


PAY WITH CASH AND SAVE $30!!  (call us to book with cash)


*NOTE*  Start time can vary depending on the wind conditions or weather forecasts.  Lesson day and time is not set in stone and may be changed, some days may be unavailable despite what calendar shows.  Lesson depends on Wind direction, Wins speeds and Availability of Instructors.    *Mother Nature* can be fickle sometimes.  Thank you and see you on the water!

IMPORTANT: You only receive the $30 cash discount price if paying with cash. All other forms of payment are at regular rate. A discount or refund will not be given for those that have taken a 1st beginner lesson and wish to upgrade to a 2 day lesson and did not purchase this package. This offer is only valid as a package deal.

credit voucher will be given if wind and weather does not cooperate, no refunds.


    This is a 2 day class, you will be at the beach for 6.5 hours.  3.5 hours the 1st day and 3 hours the second day.  So bring food, water, sunscreen, beach towel, play cloths, any needed medications ect..


    You may be tired and a little sore after the lesson.  This is normal, you are using several new muscle groups.  


    If you have your own wetsuit please feel free to bring it.  Same if you have your own gear.  WE DO PROVIDE ALL GEAR if you choose to use it.


    If lesson is cancelled due to weather or conditions, lesson will be rescheduled for another day and time.  All credit card refunds will include a 5% fee.

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