3 Days Learn how to Kiteboard Course

3 Days Learn how to Kiteboard Course

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Save some time and money by ordering our 3 day package. Everything you need is included: kite, board, wetsuit, harness, helmet and life jacket.


3 Day Learn to Kiteboard Course is a 8 Hour intensive class and more. This class is for the Serious Student who wants to learn quickly while saving some serious money. This course is spread out over 3 days and is Focused, Intense and Designed to get you up and riding quickly and efficiently.Once mastered we take your newly learned skills into the water on a larger kite and build upon them with the water lesson. Here you will learn how to relaunch the kite off the water, body drag to your board when you fall off, how to get up on a board and how to self rescue yourself for those unforseen emergencies.


Whats Included:

* 8 hours of total training 98% of time spent flying a kite!!

* basics of kiteboarding

* Intro into kite flying

* beach safety

* flying a 4 line kite

* how to setup your gear

* safety systems

* water relaunching

* getting up on board

* board recovery

* board riding upwind

* self launching & self launding

* skills for you to practice on your ownself rescues and more......


* Get a 2 Hour Lesson FREE when you buy a Kiteboard Gear Package*

 That 's like getting $250 off the price of a Kite Package PLUS we show you how your new gear is set up and how to make adjustments. Amazing value you just can not beat anywhere else!


credit voucher will be given if wind and weather does not cooperate, no refunds.


    This course is spread over 3 days.  All said and done it will be 8 hours of time with us.

    Bring Food, Drinks, Sunscreen, Towel, Play Cloths, wetsuit or other gear if you have it, if not WE PROVIDE ALL GEAR if you choose to use it.  Bring any medications as well.

    You will be tired and sore after the lessons.  This is normal, you will be using a whole new muscle group but it is well worth it and so much fun!


    If lesson is cancelled due to weather, conditions, enviroment, staffing issues, emergencies ect, lessons will be rescheduled. In event of a refund request a 5% fee will be included for credit card refunds.  

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