1st Beginner Kiteboard 3.5hr Class

1st Beginner Kiteboard 3.5hr Class

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Fly a real Kite right from the start in this 3.5 hour Land and Water class! This is the beginning, your 1st lesson and where most people start. We start with teaching you on dry land to learn proper control and flying techniques with a 4m kite.  Then we move into the water with a larger kite to finish up with water relaunching, body dragging, board recovery and most importantly self rescues! With this Class you are in a standard kite harness.  We teach you proper steering and control, how to water relaunch, power strokes, one handed flying, launching and landing from the beach and all the safety features you will need to be a safe kiter.


Key Points to Cover
- Safety Systems Review
- Rigging
- Basic flying skills
- Launching and landing
- One handed flying
- Water body drags
- Water Re-launch
- Board recovery
- Self rescue


We are Certified PASA Professional Kiteboard Instructors with each instructor having more than 10 years teaching experience each!

1st Beginner Lesson—3.5 Hour Class — LEVEL 0 This is your very 1st step and starting point into the sport of kitesurfing

$380 or bring a friend add $140................. PAY WITH CASH AND SAVE $30

Here is your chance to try out Kiteboarding in a safe and fun enviroment under the instruction of a Certified Experienced Professional Instructor. Our PASA certified kiteboarding instructors use Proven Teaching Methods and will teach you with a variety of techniques that will get you out on the water in no time and save your time and money.

• Basics of Kiteboarding
• Wind Theory and Wind Window
• Weather Conditions & Choosing a Kite Location
• Kite Setup with a Real 4-Line Inflatable Kite
• Flying Techniques and Skills
• Safety and Hand Signals
• Rider Responsibility and Safety
• Have Fun and Fly



Safety for yourself and the public.The kites used to kiteboard can be dangerous in the hands of a person lacking instruction. Most spectators don't realize how much power a kite can generate. We can take you from "wanting to kiteboard" and turn you into a"Proficient KITEBOARDER".

1. Safety: Proper Lessons Make Kiteboarding a Safer Experience
for Yourself and Those around You
2. Your Learning Experience: Quickest Way to Get on the Water is to Take Our Kiteboarding Lessons
3. Money: Use Our Equipment for Lessons to Make Sure This is the Right Sport for You before You Purchase the Equipment
4. Trash Someone Else's Gear: Use School Equipment instead of Damaging Your New Equipment
5. Meet Other Kiteboarders: Our Kiteboarding Lessons Allow You to Meet Others That You Can Practice with
6. Get Cheaper Gear: Great Beginner Packages with Discounts on Equipment
7. Knowledge: Kiteboarding Lessons Teach You Valuable Knowledge
8. Learn in Safe Conditions: You will Learn at a Beginner-Safe Beach
9. Try out Different Gear: Try Out Our Gear before Purchasing Your Own
10. Peace of Mind: With Our Kiteboarding Lessons a instructor is there to help at All Times


NOTE:   Start time can vary depending on the wind conditions or weather forecasts. Lesson day and time is not set in stone and may be changed, some days may be unavailable despite what calendar shows. Lesson depends on Wind direction, Wins speeds and Availability of Instructors.Mother Nature can be fickle sometimes. Thank You and see you on the water!


    You will be at the beach for up to 4 hours.  So bring food, water, sunscreen, beach towel, play cloths, any needed medications ect..


    You may be tired and a little sore after the lesson.  This is normal, you are using several new muscle groups.  


    If lesson is cancelled due to weather or conditions, lesson will be rescheduled for another day and time.  All credit card refunds will include a 5% fee.

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